We are developping an innovative, user-friendly AI platform based on reinforcement learning dedicated to engineers and developerS. We maintain our strength by always being up-to-date in terms of technologies and adapting them to market problems.

From your own simulation environment you will indeed be able to train, qualify, explain and deploy their own autonomous systems, and thus automate tasks in complex environments, including multi-actors (machine-machine or man-machine) cooperation;

Our product will:

  • Be user-friendly and simple to use
  • provide an explicability of the decision made by the AI
  • Not require a lot of data but rather rules to generate an environment
  • Be adaptable to a wide range of environments and situations
  • Improve man-machine teaming

Delfox already proved the performance of its technology by solving complex problems such as the autonomous piloting of swarms of drones, the detection of satellite trajectories from telescopic observations, as well as resource optimization for ground-based air defense.