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Our Story

The Delfox project was born following research work carried out by its founder Maxime Rey, on the issues of learning algorithms in artificial intelligence. The company is consolidated around its own algorithm, Landscape™, which solves the problem of learning through a geometric approach.

In 2018, the company was created and signed a first contract in the field of SSA (Space Situational Awareness) with ArianeGroup, to detect satellite trajectories using data from its GEOTracker™ space monitoring network. By responding to numerous issues in the field of artificial intelligence. Delfox has succeeded in confirming its strategic positioning in the aeronautics, space and defense sector. 

Our Mission

A pioneer in this field in France and Europe, Delfox has become the first start-up to offer an autonomy solution for industry.

 Delfox also interests the Forces and other major accounts such as Thales, Airbus, Nexter, and Naval Group, with which the company collaborates and discusses.

Our objective today is to facilitate access to artificial intelligence for the various actors, thanks to our know-how and our expertise. We want to offer an intuitive and efficient platform to all those who wish to integrate AI into their spheres.

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